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If you are an avid mobile photographer or simply want to enhance the camera capabilities of your OnePlus 12, the GCam Port is here to level up your photography game. GCam, short for Google Camera, is a popular camera app known for its superior image processing and advanced features.

GCam Port Features for OnePlus 12

Let’s explore some of the remarkable features you can expect from the OnePlus 12 GCam Port:

Night Sight: Capture stunning low-light photos with exceptional clarity and reduced noise, thanks to the powerful Night Sight mode. Say goodbye to dark, blurry shots and hello to beautifully illuminated nightscapes.

Astrophotography: Witness the magic of the cosmos on your OnePlus 12 as the GCam Port unlocks the Astrophotography mode. Now, you can capture breathtaking shots of stars, galaxies, and celestial events with ease.

HDR+ Enhanced: The GCam Port’s HDR+ Enhanced mode ensures that your photos have an excellent dynamic range, delivering vibrant colors and detailed highlights even in challenging lighting conditions.

Portrait Mode with Bokeh Effects: Achieve professional-looking portraits with a pleasing bokeh effect, blurring the background to make your subject stand out.

Motion Photos and Top Shot: Relive the moments before and after you press the shutter button with Motion Photos, and let the GCam Port suggest the best shot from a series with Top Shot.

AI-Based Features: Benefit from the power of artificial intelligence with features like AI-powered scene detection, automatic white balance adjustment, and improved photo sharpening.

60fps Video Recording: Enjoy smooth and detailed video recording at 60 frames per second, allowing you to capture fast-paced moments with clarity.

OnePlus 12 Specs

Before we delve into the GCam Port’s installation process. Let’s take a quick look at the impressive specifications of the OnePlus 12:

  • Display: 6.7-inch Fluid AMOLED, 120Hz refresh rate
  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 895
  • RAM: 8GB/12GB
  • Storage: 128GB/256GB UFS 3.1
  • Rear Cameras: Quad-camera setup (108MP main, 16MP ultra-wide, 8MP telephoto, 5MP macro)
  • Front Camera: 32MP
  • Battery: 4,500mAh with Warp Charge 65T
  • Operating System: OxygenOS 12 based on Android 12
  • Connectivity: 5G, Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.2
  • Additional Features: In-display fingerprint sensor, Face Unlock, NFC

OnePlus 12 GCam Port

The OnePlus 12 GCam Port is a modified version of the Google Camera app. Optimized to work seamlessly with the OnePlus 12’s camera hardware. The port brings the GCam app’s exceptional image processing algorithms and features to your device, significantly enhancing the overall camera performance.

The GCam Port’s ability to utilize Google’s advanced computational photography allows for better dynamic range, improved low-light performance, and superior color reproduction compared to the stock camera app.

How to Install GCam on OnePlus 12

Follow these step-by-step instructions to install the GCam Port on your OnePlus 12:

  • Download the GCam APK: Search online for the latest compatible GCam APK for OnePlus 12. Make sure to download it from a trusted source.
  • Enable Installation from Unknown Sources: Before installing the APK, go to Settings > Apps & notifications > Advanced > Special app access > Install unknown apps, and enable the option for your preferred file manager.
  • Install the APK: Use your file manager to locate the downloaded GCam APK file and install it.
  • Adjust Settings: Once installed, open the GCam app and navigate to its settings. Depending on the version of the port, you may find OnePlus 12-specific configuration options. Tweak the settings as per your preference.
  • Start Snapping: You’re all set! Start using the GCam Port to capture stunning photos and videos on your OnePlus 12.

OnePlus 12 GCam Configs Download

To further optimize the GCam Port’s performance on your OnePlus 12. You can download specific configuration files (configs) tailored for your device. These configs are designed to maximize the camera’s potential and achieve the best possible results. Follow these steps:

  • Find Compatible Configs: Look for GCam config files online that are specifically designed for the OnePlus 12.
  • Download the Config: Save the config file to your phone’s internal storage or an easily accessible folder.
  • Apply the Config: Open the GCam app and double-check that the config file you downloaded is in the correct folder. Then, navigate to the app’s settings and find the option to load the config. Select the downloaded config file to apply the settings.
  • Restart the App: After applying the config, restart the GCam app for the changes to take effect.

With the GCam Port and the appropriate config. You can make the most out of your OnePlus 12’s camera capabilities, capturing stunning photos and videos that rival even high-end DSLRs.

(Note: The GCam Port and associated configs are community-developed modifications and may not be officially supported by OnePlus. Exercise caution while installing third-party apps and files, and make sure to back up your data before proceeding.)

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