OnePlus 9RT Gcam Port | Features, Installation & Config File

If you are looking for the best camera apk. Then we can suggest a suitable GCam apk for OnePlus 9RT. Also, we guide people to learn how to use GCam apk. The latest version camera apk was released for Android users. So, if you want to get the best photography experience. Then you should know how to use it.

The OnePlus 9RT is a mid-range smartphone launched by OnePlus in 2021. It features a 6.43-inch Full HD+ AMOLED display, a Snapdragon 870 chipset, up to 12GB of RAM, and a triple-camera system on the back. While the OnePlus 9RT’s camera system is good, it lacks some of the advanced features that are available on newer smartphones.

GCam Features

The Google Camera (GCam) app is known for its advanced camera features such as Night Sight, Astrophotography, and Portrait mode. These features are not available on the stock camera app of the OnePlus 9RT. However, by installing the GCam port on your OnePlus 9RT, you can take advantage of these features and capture stunning photos and videos.

OnePlus 9RT Gcam Port

The OnePlus 9RT Gcam port is a modified version of the Google Camera app. Also, it has been optimized to work on the OnePlus 9RT. The port is developed by third-party developers who have reverse-engineered the app to make it compatible with the OnePlus 9RT’s hardware and software. Here we share the Oneplus 9RT camera apk links.

How to Install Gcam on OnePlus 9RT

Installing the GCam port on your OnePlus 9RT is a simple process. However, since it is a third-party app. You will need to allow your OnePlus 9RT to install apps from unknown sources. Here are the steps to install the GCam port on your OnePlus 9RT:

  • Download the GCam port APK file for OnePlus 9RT from a trusted source.
  • Enable “Unknown Sources” on your OnePlus 9RT by going to Settings > Security > Install unknown apps.
  • Tap on “Allow from this source” for your browser and then toggle the switch for “Allow app installs” for the downloaded APK.
  • Once the installation is complete, open the GCam app and start using its features.

OnePlus 9RT Config File Download

To make the GCam port work optimally on your OnePlus 9RT, you will need to download a configuration file. This file contains settings that are specific to your device and helps the GCam app work seamlessly with your OnePlus 9RT camera hardware. Here are the steps to download and install the configuration file:

  • Search for “OnePlus 9RT GCam Config File” on your preferred search engine.
  • Download the file from a trusted source.
  • Open the GCam app and navigate to Settings > Advanced > Restore.
  • Select the configuration file that you downloaded in step 2.
  • Once the restore is complete, restart the GCam app to apply the changes.

We hope that everyone enjoys the OnePlus 9RT Camera apk. If you have any problem or question. Comment below with your full questions. We will reply to your question answer very soon. Keep visiting our website for more camera apk.

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