LMC 8.2 Config File Download | Helena R4, R5 & R7 Camera

Some people want to download LMC 8.2 Helena R4 Apk. Today we will help you to download LMC 8.2 Helena R4 Apk. GCam apk helps people to make a picture fantastic. If you love to capture beautiful pictures. Then you should use the GCam apk feature. In this article, we share LMC 8.2 Helena R5 Apk. You will find the best LMC Apk feature drive link.

Currently, people always search for LMC 8.2 apk. Here we share the LMC app’s latest feature drive link. You can download your needed LMC apk feature. Before getting the LMC apk. You must learn how to set it up on an Android device. We already provided the LMC 8.2 Helena Apk Download link in another blog post.

LMC 8.2 Helena R4 Apk Download

If you want to LMC 8.2 Helena R4 Apk download link. Then you can get it from here. We always help people to get the best features GCam apk. Here we mentioned LMC 8.2 apk all feature drive download link. Follow the below section to get LMC 8.2 Helena R4 Apk.

LMC 8.2

Google Camera is very popular for its work. It helped people to make their photography wonderful. Now, you can download Gcam LMC 8.2 Helena R4. Also, it will work on Gcam LMC 8.2 Helena R5. If you have the Android 10 operating system on your device. Then Gcam LMC 8.2 Helena R4 will work on your phones.

LMC 8.2 Helena R4 Apk 

LMC 8.2 Apk Download

We provide the best Gcam apk feature & config file. It will also work for LMC 8.2 Helena R5 & R7. So, if your plan is to download LMC 8.2 Helena For R5 & R7. Then you can download today’s post-Gcam apk feature & config file.

LMC 8.2 Helena R4 XML Config

Some people always looking to modify LMC 8.2 Helena R4 Config. Here we bring the best Gcam apk config file drive link. You can download your needed config file.

LMC 8.2 Config File Download

Here we make a list with the best Config file.

Bright Night XML File Download [ This XML is for getting illuminated pictures at night. If you want some dark feeling, try Helena Night XML ]

Human XML File Download (Alternative to True DSLR)  [ To take photos of people with Selfies/Back cameras ]

Bright Nature XML File (Alternative to Alrounder XML) [ You can use this XML in a low-light environment. You can also use it during the normal day. In the case of the field, nature ]

Natural XML File Download [ This XML to get normal color. If the color is not good, then turn the AWB ON/OFF ]

Magic Colour XML File Download [ To edit photos, this XML will help you a lot. Especially in the midst of green nature, it will be beautiful in the case of some cotton of red, yellow, or coloring ]

Macro color XML File Download [ You can use it for Macro Photography ]

These few XMLs above may not give good results on all phones. Those who have color problems will see the AWB (top left) option ON/OFF. Still, if you do not get the mind, try another gcam.

LMC 8.2 Best Config File Package Link

How to Setup LMC 8.2 XML File

To set up the XML file, you need to complete the below instructions.

  • First Go To Your Internal Storage
  • Create A New Folder Named” LMC 8.2 “
  • Paste Downloaded XML File Here
  • Now Open This Camera FIle
  • Double Click On Beside Sutter Button And Select Your Desire XML FILE
  • Now, OK it. Your work is done. Enjoy your LMC 8.2 Camera.

If you have any questions about the LMC 8.2 camera apk. You can comment below or contact us. Keep visiting our website for LMC 8.4 Apk. We also share the latest LMC apk details.

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