Download Gcam BSG 8.1 With Config XML

Photography is an excellent hobby for every people. If you have a smartphone. Then you want to capture amazing photos with your device camera. But, sometimes our device camera can’t take beautiful pictures. Cause, the device’s camera is not working well. Then we looked for a secondary camera apk. BSG v8.1 is a great camera apk for every device.

Suppose you want to use the Google Camera apk. Then you should use BSG 8.1 port apk. We also guide people to learn how to install the BSG camera apk. Here you will find the best config file easily. Before getting the BSG camera apk, you should learn something. Follow more to know full details.

BSG 8.1 Camera Features

The camera apk feature is very important for users. Here we make a list with BSG 8.1 Camera feature details. Before using BSG 8.1 Camera, you have to know what kind of feature support is on the BSG Camera apk. Let’s have a look at the below details.

  • Camera (HDR +, Flash, Front Camera, Zoom, RAW, Autofocus, Do Not Disturb, etc.)
  • Video (30 fps, 60 fps, video stabilization, autofocus)
  • Port mode
  • Astrophotographic mode
  • Night vision mode
  • Wide-angle
  • Slow-motion, Panorama, 360-degree Panorama, AR sticker, Timelapse
  • Keshrahan opera manual and HDR photography
  • Pemberton UI
  • Night Vision
  • Top Shot
  • Super Ray Zoom
  • Fast mode
  • Long shot

Download Gcam BSG 8.1

The android device user can easily use BSG 8.1 apk. Here we share the BSG 8.1 download link. You just need to choose your camera apk. If you already heard BSG 8.1 Camera apk is fantastic. Then you should try one time. Don’t forget to learn how to install BSG 8.1 camera apk.

BSG 8.1 GCam Download

How Do I Install BSG 8.1 Apk

The BSG 8.1 Camera apk installation process is very easy. A user needs to complete the below instruction. After that, you can easily set up BSG 8.1 Camera apk. So, follow the below guidelines. If you have any questions about BSG 8.1 Camera apk. Share your problem below comment box.

  • In the beginning, download the BSG 8.1 GCam APK file from the download link above and tap on it.
  • Now, make sure that the Unknown Sources option is enabled on your device. In order to do this, go to the device Settings menu > Security/Privacy > enable it. [If already enabled, skip to the installation]
  • It will launch the package installer and tap on the Install button.
  • Once the installation is done, open, and use it.
  • Enjoy your BSG 8.1 Google camera apk.

Gcam BSG 8.1 Config

For the best picture, you have to use the best config on BSG 8.1 camera apk. Here we bring the best BSG 8.1 config files. You should try once or more. Cause XML files always give you take best shots. You can also follow how to set up BSG 8.1 Config files.

Human Portrait Premium Configs

Download BSG 8.1 Config File

BSG 8.1 Gcam Lightroom Preset XML

How to Set up XML File

  1. Go to the phone memory or internal storage and make a folder called Gcam
  2. Now, make another folder called BSG inside it and put the XML there.
  3. Those who already have gcam folders will only make BSG.
  4. Then enter the camera and restore XML by double-clicking on the blank part on the right and left where you click the photo.

We hope that BSG 8.1 camera apk will give you better photography performance. For more camera apk visit our website. We always guide people to share Camera apk details.

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