Vivo Y91 GCam Port: Features, Installation & Configuration

Vivo Y91 is a budget smartphone that has been well-received by users for its good features and affordability. However, the phone’s camera performance could be improved by using the Google Camera or GCam app. Which can enhance the camera’s image processing capabilities. Here are some of the features of Vivo Y91 GCam, how to install it. And where to download the Vivo Y91 config.

Vivo Y91 GCam Features

Here we share the Vivo Y91 GCam Features details. Before getting the Gcam apk, you should know about GCam features.

  • Night Sight: The Vivo Y91’s camera struggles in low-light conditions, but with GCam, users can take clear and bright photos in the dark.
  • HDR+ and HDR+ Enhanced: These features help to improve the dynamic range of the camera, making images look more natural and vivid.
  • Portrait mode: With this feature, users can capture stunning portrait photos with a blurred background effect.
  • Astrophotography mode: This is a new feature that allows users to take photos of the stars and the night sky. It works by capturing multiple exposures and combining them into one image.

GCam For Vivo Y91

To get the best out of the Vivo Y91’s camera, users can download the GCam app, which is not available on the Google Play Store. However, users can download it from various sources on the internet. One popular source is the XDA Developers forum, where users can find GCam versions that have been tested and confirmed to work with the Vivo Y91.

Vivo Y91 Gcam Port

Before installing GCam on the Vivo Y91, users need to make sure that their device is rooted. Rooting allows users to access the phone’s system files and modify them. After rooting the device, users can download the GCam port that is compatible with their device.

Vivo Y91 Camera Apk

Download Vivo Y91 GCam Apk

Vivo Y91 Google Camera Port

How to Install Vivo Y91 GCam

Here are the steps to install GCam on the Vivo Y91

  • Download the GCam APK file from a reliable source and copy it to your phone’s internal storage.
  • Install the APK file by tapping on it in the file manager app.
  • Once installed, open the GCam app and give it the necessary permissions.
  • Users can start using the app to take photos and enjoy improved camera performance.

Vivo Y91 Config Download

After installing GCam on the Vivo Y91. Users can download and apply the Vivo Y91 config file to optimize the app’s performance. The config file contains specific settings that are customized for the Vivo Y91’s camera sensor. Users can download the Vivo Y91 config file from the XDA Developers forum. And they need to copy it to the “Configs7” folder located in the GCam app’s root directory.

Download Vivo Y91 GCam XML Config

In conclusion, installing the GCam app on the Vivo Y91 can significantly enhance the phone’s camera performance. And with the Vivo Y91 config file, users can optimize the app’s settings for their device’s camera sensor.

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